To accept whatever comes, regardless of the consequences, is to be unafraid or to be full of that love which comes from a sense of at-oneness with whatever . . . In other words there is no split between spirit and matter. And to realize this, we have only suddenly to awake to the fact. I have noticed it happens and when it does it partakes of the miraculous.

~ John Cage “Juilliard Lecture” in A Year from Monday (1952)

There were signs
but it seems
spring is just not ready for us yet.

13 Comments on “acceptance

  1. It’s always so nice to come and visit you here, Susan. I love the quotation – just beautiful like your lovely images. Mozart is becoming such a star, I want to tickle him under his soft furry chin and hear him purr. I am a cat lover living in an apartment and I miss not having a furry friend again … maybe one day!

  2. Beautiful! I’m glad Mozart enjoyed the storm. I love the Boston street scene and the muted shades of the flowers by the window. I hope you had fun with the snow too!

  3. A beautiful collection of photos. I just love Mozart! Remember – no winter last forever, no spring skips its turn.

  4. Lady Stella left us with 38 inches in less than 10 hours.
    Here in NY, I think spring is going to be a long time getting here.
    As always, beautiful photographs, Susan.

  5. So beautiful Susan…all of it, especially the words and the bright lights of your bokeh.
    I hope spring arrives for our next adventure…xo

  6. I love the title of this post. Your photos are so beautiful and I am in love with Mozart and how you capture her so well. Spring is one her way!

  7. Spring will come in northeastern North America! It’s just taking it’s own sweet time…In the meantime we can enjoy your gorgeous images and feel all cozy…

  8. Accepting what is, helps us to live each moment more fully. Love the quote and your beautiful pictures of spring signs…they will come back to stay not before long.

  9. This is beautifully crafted, Susan, the sentiment, words and images all expressing that longing but coming to terms with it, too. Set the indoor stage with rununculus and make your own Spring! Stella will disappear and the greening will commence, meanwhile there are always those early harbingers, like the witch hazel, to dream on.

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