“…I have to admit that I’ve … always felt burdened by nostalgia, by a desire to stop time, to recapture things that have been lost. A sense that everything, absolutely everything, is on a journey from which there’s no return.”     ~ Natalia Sanmartín Fenollera          

make hay..

        while the sun shines   a day of warmth and sunshine rare for January the new year has just begun tired from the busy-ness of the holidays every bit of extrovert-ness mustered has been used up (exhausting for an introvert) wandering alone around this farm a breath of fresh air before my hibernation begins to sort things out to accomplish…

winter shadows on the table in the hall

        I hear the quiet in the dark and smell the warm sunlight dancing across the wall I see the crack in the jar where the cover doesn’t quite fit I feel the chip in the wall in the shape of a ragged heart I taste the offering of sweetness waiting on the table   I think this is me my…


           “so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water…”   ~ William Carlos Williams (excerpt from The Red Wheelbarrow)          

drop the “I”

          “Go back to knowing that it is simple. The fun is in the busy-ness as long as it’s fun for you. And when you see that it’s just more of the same stories, all about ‘me’, drop it. You can observe what goes on benignly, but keep going. From the position of observer, take that last step. Who’s the…