black coffee, blue skies


When you shift your focus
from what is absent
to what is present,
from what is missing
to what has been given,
from what you are not
to who you are…
abundance is yours,

~Jeff Foster

An experiment in seeing.

12 thoughts on “black coffee, blue skies

  1. Your photo makes me want to dive into the sky that’s in that cup of coffee. I love the poem and will have to keep reminding myself of the advice it holds. Thank you for making us see everything differently.

  2. I love this image Susan and the wonderful words that you chose to share with it.
    Ive been trying to shift my focus too, after a very hot summer.
    Beautiful and emotive as always!

  3. What a wonderful quotation to go with your observant reflection on blue skies and branches in your coffee! Wonderful selective focus! It’s a wonderful example of seeing beyond seeing!

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