what are you trying to say?

      So many of my pictures of late have been about the surface of things.  Yes it is fall and leaves are resting on the water, apples have dropped to the ground..but I realized today they are not really about that.   these pictures are about shallowness and my desire to dig deeper.  Social media is filled with pretty photos of nature,…

there are times..

            it’s good to trust that voice inside your head but only if it’s your own              

sacred space


note to a friend

        “when creating, be kind to your doubt, hear it out, thank it for its concern, and reassure it that you are an artist, and risk is essential.” ~ Nayyirah Waheed        


                        “I believe that all those signs from your past and all those feelings and memories certainly come together, often subconsciously, and form some kind of a fragmented narrative. Often you’re telling your own story but you may not even know it.”  ~ Todd Hido   autumn has been a strange mix of…