Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?

finding inspiration..


during these last few weeks of winter


a change of scenery


Trying something new..

film photography


and finding some beautiful light around my house

as the days grow longer

(I know, I need to dust my dining room table)


March has come in like a lion
as I write this, the snow is coming down hard
the 2nd major storm to hit us this month
after living in New England for so many years
I’ve become more accepting..and patient
spring will come in her own good time


Last night, while on my search for inspiration, I came across a couple things I’d like to share with you:


This won the Oscar for Best Short Film.  Heartbreaking in many ways but inspiring to see how creativity can be life saving.


a thought provoking article

“Tired of Perfection”

In search of this perfection we’re losing the poetic. The grit. The nuance. I see less and less story. Less humanity. I’m all in on beauty, but that’s not even what I’m seeing. It’s all just so damn saccharine. My god, all the shiny, happy – perfect – people. It must be exhausting trying to be all that all the time.

read the entire article HERE.


“Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask ‘how’, while others of a more curious nature will ask ‘why’. Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.”

~ Man Ray










25 thoughts on “finding inspiration..

    1. Susan Post author

      a Nikon n80 and Kodak Portra 160. Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to shooting more film this spring. I have a few rolls of Kodak Portra 400 that I’d like to try next. It’s very addicting but expensive, so I won’t put away my dslr anytime soon 😊

  1. france55

    Nice photos, Susan. Do you recall the Oscars for short film?… The Silent Child. It have seen the 5 films in nomination in this categories and I was pleased it won. Be patient, spring will come sooner or later. 🙂

    1. Susan Post author

      My goal is to watch all the short films nominated this year. Hope I can find them all on You Tube. I will look for The Silent Child next!


    Susan, as you know from my comments on these photos you posted in Flickr, you really made an impact with me with them, especially the first grouping. And again, bravo on picking up your film camera — I mentioned I’ve been thinking of it too and still haven’t put that thought to bed 😉

    I’m going to watch that short film at leisure this evening. A HUGE thank you for the link to David duChemin’s blog post. Boy is this ever EXACTLY what I feel, exactly. It’s one of the reasons why I joined — and then promptly quit Instagram a year or two ago. It’s why I have considered joining one of the plethora of places that sells a persons photos, but have chosen not to. I don’t ever want to create photos based on “what will sell” “what others want” — instead, I beat to my own drum and create from my heart’s desire and still experiment, jump from idea to idea, and look for story in images when I can. Gosh, I could go on and on — sorry. Thank you again for sharing all of these delights in this post — thank you so much.

    1. Susan Post author

      Diane, I would love to see you shoot some film..spring is a good time to pick up that film camera! That article struck me too and made me think about my own work, although I have never taken a photo just for the purpose of sales..probably why I’m such a bad stock photographer. I’m just really not into it. I too like to experiment and create, I like to collect moments and tell stories.

      As for that short film, I hope you can find some time to watch it. It had a huge impact on me.

      1. Susan Post author

        Oh, and also – not all of IG is exhausting. I have found some very inspiring fine art photographers there, you just have to dig through the weeds 😊

  3. Tara Soucy

    Firstly, your film photography is enchanting. I knew it would be, with your keen eye for light and detail and those colors….make my knees weak. Thank you for the link to the David duChemin article. He put into words so many of the feelings I have had, of late, on social media. I so wish there were ways to appreciate each other’s art without the ads, competition and often fickle nature of social media.

    1. Susan Post author

      You are being so kind. I have a long way to go with film, out of 36 pics only 8 came out anywhere decent. And yes, duChemin’s article was great food for thought. I plan to make some changes soon in order to simplify. Art shouldn’t be a competition, nor should it’s importance be measured in “likes”

  4. Sheila

    So beautiful and I love the Boston ones. I was there a couple weeks ago and kept wanting to stop to take pictures every few steps. I love the light photos too (and the dust)!

  5. janellmithani

    Susan, your photographs are so wonderful! Great post. I LOVE that you are shooting film! The window shot is beautiful. Are you enjoying it? I’ve been thinking of pulling out my Mamiya from the top cupboard and doing some shooting between paintings. So sorry about the storms, I hope you are staying warm. I do love seeing the snow photographs, though… from my sunny CA. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your work, and I love your IG roll…

  6. bluebrightly

    How wonderful that you came across that film – I did, too, and watched the whole thing, transfixed. It’s wonderful. Glad you’re experimenting with film…and are willing to be patient with spring (choice, is there a choice?). So the turkey was in Northampton? So cool! Did you know there was one in lower Manhattan for years? A female also, her name was Zelda, she was wild. She was unfortunately run over eventually. But what a fine sight she was, strutting around Battery Park. Have a good week Susan!

  7. Cheryl crotty

    A very beautiful and thought-provoking post Susan. Of course I love all the Boston photo’s, especially the driveway with the turkey? in it. Boston never gets old for me. I will be so happy when spring gets here and I can go in and roam around during the week. Your still life keeps growing and growing into wonderful story telling and now film. I have never been much interested in film but since I have an entire bag of it, I might have to give it a try this summer. It’s old, my camera’s are old and I’m old, so it should all work out…
    I have sent the movie to my mail and on this cold, stormy winter night, I will cuddle up with Gracie and watch it. Then I will read David’s article. Thanks for the reminder on that. I’m behind on him…but don’t tell him.
    Your post was eye candy and informatiive…just what a good blog should be. Now go cuddle with Mozart.

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