Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?

reality of things




Collage potting.jpg




32883468694_27a5cc1898_ospring in a basket

The astonishing reality of things

Is my discovery each day.
Each thing is what it is,
And it’s hard to explain to someone how happy this makes me
and how much this suffices me.

All it takes to be complete is to exist.

~ Fernando Pessoa

16 thoughts on “reality of things

  1. Cheryl

    The older you get the more true that quote becomes…your reality looks so lovely in all these spring photo’s. From the garden work bench to the beautiful basket of flowers…you are creating. Your home is lovely. Thank you for sharing bits of it with us along the way…

  2. Gunta

    “All it takes to be complete is to exist.”

    The sad part is it took so long to learn the lesson. The good part is that I finally seem to have learned it.

    As always your photographs are truly exceptional.

  3. Sandra

    Such a restful post, Susan. A great quotation and wonderful images which make me think of walking through a garden with glimpses inside your home in passing. I love that basket of tiny flowers you end with and Mozart has become a star through your lens and his furry charm!

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