sweater weather

















Each day you didn’t enjoy wasn’t yours:
You just got through it. Whatever you live
Without enjoying, you don’t live.
You don’t have to love or drink or smile.
The sun’s reflection in a puddle o water
Is enough, if it pleases you.
Happy those who, placing their delight
In slight things, are never deprived
Of each day’s natural fortune!

~ Ricardo Reis

visits to local farms (meeting a lovely Facebook contact , blogger and fellow photographer for the first time.  She recently wrote the most amazing post to her grandchildren), hiking in the woods, friends around a campfire and lots of comfort food.

the fall color was spotty and slow in arriving, perhaps due to the drought. But now it’s finally starting to pop.

listening to old Joni Mitchell albums fills me with melancholy and memories. Yes, I said albums…I am of that age.

falling in love with this photographer’s work. I discovered him through a friend. His images are poetry and his book – “Small Things in Silence” is a treasure.

And speaking of poetry..a beautiful and inspiring post by my gifted friend, Gigi.                    Of Worms and Wings and Other Sacred, Ordinary Things

Just received a date for our “John Singer Sargent Styled Shoot” exhibit. January 25th at The Bradley Estate. Perfect time as it will coincide with Sargent’s birthday month and an exhibit of his paintings at The Jewish Museum in NYC.  Interesting article here.  Will share more details soon.

and lastly, my nightly read  –


by Molly Peacock.  Full of inspiration.  Nice to think that one can blossom late in life.

 I hold onto that hope.

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. ~ Kafka

22 thoughts on “sweater weather

  1. Susan, your pictures are gorgeous as usual! I love both quotes. All too often I am just getting through the days, but…I can still see beauty on some days and I also want to believe it is never too late!

  2. Wow!! Your work inspires me to no end Susan!! And I look forward to the months ahead .. Jan. In particular, I know your photos will be exceptional !! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent 😘

  3. Beautiful photographs, Susan, and your autumn sounds much like ours has been, but the past many days have been so summer-like with temps in the high 70’s. I’ll take that as long as I can!

  4. First of all those photo’s are so wonderful and they feel just like fall. I could crawl into any one of those scenes…the swing and the tack room, were we really together that day.LOL I saw the swing twice…you saw the vision. It is awesome. I will also have to add that book to my list. So many books so little time, and I’m with you on the camp fire and marshmellows…
    You are a delight my friend…each photo will bring you and your family lasting memories…thanks for sharing a bit of your colorful, bokeh filled life with you…
    I need to also thank you for sharing my link…the days grow short on this election and I can’t even tell you how happy I will be when it is over…in the meantime…I answer one little boys questions.. The other one doesn’t care…
    Enjoy your day Susan..

  5. Your beautiful artwork is so evocative of fall, I almost had to get a sweater (even if it is 83F here!). Beautiful work, great information.

    1. I wrote most of this post over the weekend when it was chilly..and wouldn’t you know, today is in the 70s. Enjoying it now because I know it won’t last long!

  6. After seeing your beautiful fall photos, I’m ready for sweater weather…it’s on the way now. That campfire and toasted marshmallow looks so good. Well, those peanut butter cookies do too. Enjoy your week…these are all so gorgeous!!

  7. so so cool to see your work, so inspiring. love your photos. love the title of this post sweater weather …..hihi.. for me is magic bag at night time ! 😉 have a good night.

  8. A lovely series of images, Susan. I especially love the second one, that beautiful young horse and the steaming soup of the season.
    I like the sound of that book you’re reading! I love autumn!

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