one beautiful bright sunny December day we thought it would be a nice time to explore the seaside town of Rockport as we neared the coast the clouds rolled in snow blew and swirled around us it looked like a nor’easter had hit strange, it wasn’t in the forecast turns out, that day a snow cloud decided to hang out…

bread crumbs

          “Every hour, Robert thinks, all over the globe, an infinite number of memories disappear, whole glowing atlases dragged into graves. But during that same hour children are moving about, surveying territory that seems to them entirely new. They push back the darkness; they scatter memories behind them like bread crumbs. The world is remade.”   ~ Anthony Doerr  …

giving way

          “How long before the eaves gave way to the sky, or the bathroom floor was jack-hammered to bone, while the trees outside were left to redirect the wind? How quickly the den must have become more kitchen and bedrooms lost their privacy. I see the books we’d packed up and moved years ago under a pile of fresh rubble,…


      I once suggested she have a good cry she said “I’m afraid if I start I’ll never be able to stop”        


                  hide and go seek in her greenhouse pots of iris and gladiola bulbs the air was thick and rich with the scent of dirt