the ties..

        that bind   over on Viewfinders this week, I spoke of cleaning out, purging, cutting through all the needless material stuff I have saved throughout my life. However, there are some things to be held on to and passed down from one generation to the next   They are the words, pictures, fibers and threads of our story      …


          “…I have to admit that I’ve … always felt burdened by nostalgia, by a desire to stop time, to recapture things that have been lost. A sense that everything, absolutely everything, is on a journey from which there’s no return.”     ~ Natalia Sanmartín Fenollera          


    The Farmer’s Almanac was his Bible   It was going to be a harsh winter              

a neighborhood story

                      secret gardens and satellite dishes     “I always wanna sit down with my mom and talk bout old neighborhood stories.” ~ Jordan Hoechlin        

there’s comfort..

          in knowing that some things remain the same