Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?





ranunculus shadow

 for light, shadow and some supermarket blooms, as the days grow a bit longer

For a fleeting moment we pause and note the sunlight on the sheets as we make the bed,  note the warm sun on our cup as we sip tea,  or note the fading light on the curtain as we enter the room.  And we let out a breath or sigh.  Pausing.

~ Elizabeth Searle Lamb





19 thoughts on “pausing..

  1. Cheryl crotty

    Beautiful, each and everyone. Your home is so lovely Susan. The light that enters through your windows, warm and inviting. I love that poem. Perfect for these lovelies…I must look her up.

  2. Kiki

    Love how the curtains throw their flower pattern onto the chair back. Also, generally love the mood in your pictures, and I see you managed to get some ranunculi, too 🙂

  3. Rose Roberts

    These peaceful moments captured in your photos give me reason to pause. They are a visual meditation for me. Thanks, Susan.💙🌹

  4. Gunta

    Your images inevitably lead me to take a deep breath and relax into them. Such peace and serenity is not captured by accident. It’s simply lovely to behold. Thank you for sharing.

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