“Life is maybe like deep-sea fishing. We wake up in the morning, we cast our nets into the water, and, if we are lucky, at day’s end we will have netted one– maybe two– small fish. Occasionally we will net a seahorse or sometimes a shark– or a life preserver or an iceberg, or a monster. And in our dreams at night we assess our Catch of the Day– the treasures of this long, slow process of accumulation”

~ Douglas Coupland

Random stuff:

Autumn seems to be taking it’s time this year.  The color is arriving bit by bit, the weather fluctuates from crisp to summer-like.

I am taking my daily walks around town lately as opposed to our woodland trails. It’s hunting season and I’m not fond of the sound of gunshots.

I’ve always been attracted to the culture of small towns. Thinking I may set my focus on small scenes and vignettes of life downtown.

Staging and creating still life images has always been fun but lately I’m striving for authenticity. THIS POST by my friend Shawna inspired me.

Traveling a bit soon, to Washington DC, then on to North Carolina. My son, Andy is getting married next month. Very excited to welcome Lilian to our family.  So looking forward to having a daughter-in-law.


I’d like to thank Rural Magazine for inviting me to share in their Fall Issue.  Have a look if you’d like..


52 Comments on “Assessment

  1. Love your post , Susan. Enjoy fall… we have mostly rainy day her on the West Coast and I am not up to go out very much ! Congrats for your son’s wedding. Enjoy.

    • Thanks, France. We are very excited about the wedding. I hope it clears up for you soon…we could use some of that rain here.

  2. Just beautiful Susan. I thoroughly enjoyed this post on our rainy, pending wind storm day. Always such thought provoking images here that helps me take my mind away from our “everyday issues.” Congratulations on your feature in Rural Magazine! I enjoyed the photos, words and features.
    Love from Seattle. 🙂

    • Well I’m glad I helped in a small way, Becca. Seems we are all looking for spaces to escape to lately, I know I am. Thank you, friend and I hope that rain-wind storm wasn’t too bad.

  3. You may think fall is taking its time but you’re way ahead of us and it’s beautiful! Your magazine article is lovely, so many truths amongst the beautiful photos. You’ve inspired me. I’ve been lazy lately, time to get back in the game!

  4. Wonderful images, Susan. Makes me miss autumn in the NE. Congratulations on your son’s wedding. I do enjoy the addition of my two DILs in our family!

  5. I love the title with some of these photos Susan. Just perfect as usual. Congrats on Andy’s upcoming marriage, how exciting!

  6. Congratulations to Andy, and Lilian!!
    And Congratulations to you, Susan for being published in Rural Magazine.
    This is truly well-deserved!!
    Travel safe, and have a wonderful time.

  7. Fall is so very welcome here after the summer of fire that came just a bit too close for comfort. The sheets (literally) of rain were so very refreshing after this past summer of smoke and worry. I can certainly appreciate your reluctance to venture where the hunters are. Stay safe and enjoy the new member of the family as it expands.

    • I feel so bad for all on the west coast dealing with those horrific fires, I can’t imagine what that must be like. Happy you got that much needed rain. Happy autumn!

  8. You have found Fall even when Fall is not obvious this year. Your photo’s are lovely, as always. Once could get lost in them…I missed that article on Shawna’s page so I will go back and read that and also I’m going to check out your new post in Rural, which I’ve never heard of before. Congratulations on that Susan. Your work is so lovely.

    You have a wonderful time coming up…welcoming a new member to the family officially. Girls need other girls. It will be so much fun. Enjoy Washington, it’s an exciting city, and then you can get warm in North Carolina. It all sounds wonderful and we will wait for photo’s…
    Your blog is always such a welcoming and informative place to be….thanks, always, for your sharing.

  9. There is so much beauty here. And I’m so glad you have a wedding to look forward to. The best kind of news.

  10. So much to say about this post. First, congratulations on being in the magazine; I wish there was a way to see it.
    I’ve always thought that staging images was your forte and how very well you accomplished those images. I’ve been more of a slice of reality or this-is-as-is sort of photographer, though always admire those who excel at their particular methods. I’ve spent so little time online in recent months that I haven’t visited Shawna for ages — you’ve intrigued me to check out her post that has inspired you.

    As always, I really love your images here. Those top 3 really appeal greatly to me though I can’t help but also be drawn to the Cafe 6 image. I truly look forward to your images of small town sites and life.

    Congratulations to your son — such an important event in his and your life. Thanks for sharing your authentic thoughts Susan. Hugs to you, Diane

  11. Pingback: Authenticity, a choice » observed by Diane

  12. Your photos always make me feel cozy and warm and welcomed. That’s it – your photography is welcoming. Thank you!
    And your daughter-in-law to-be is so lucky to acquire you as a mom-in-law. I know how welcomed she will be.
    Congrats and much happiness to Andy and Lilian. xo ❤

  13. You skillfully wove another seasonal mood, and I really like the inclusion of the urban images, they fit beautifully and are equally evocative, for me anyway. What an interesting quote, too. Congratulations on the daughter-in-law, and the magazine work – which I’m going to look at after I comment. Enjoy your travels – those sound like good places to visit, for sure.

  14. Back again to say “Great job! on the Rural Life piece. It’s so well written,a dn the photographs complement the story perfectly.

  15. Why did I not know you were still blogging? I’ve added you to my Feedly feed, although I confess I don’t check it very often. But I really enjoy your posts and will try to get back often!

  16. Beautiful fall series. Each photo tells a heartwarming story of the season. 🙂
    Thank you, Susan!

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