gut feeling


“I walked in the freshly turned land and could sense my small scale relative to the land’s vastness, and tried to make a photograph from that gut feeling. I ask myself, and have for many years now, ‘can I photograph from the gut with the eye being less of a primary force?’

~ joel meyerowitz


I’ve been asking that same question.


32 thoughts on “gut feeling

  1. Me, too, Susan. I assume that whatever catches my eye creates an emotional response. I try to understand and capture the emotions – and that is what from-the-gut means for me. I see it in your work.

  2. Such beautiful words…I hope I shoot with my gut feeling, I certainly try. Sometimes though I just get hung up on the prettiness of a subject…This photo of yours feels very much like a gut feeling shot. I love the peacefulness of it and also the light pulling me in saying “welcome to fall.” It’s a feel good photo.

  3. Looking for beauty and kindness today Susan, so here I wound up. 🙂 Interesting topic Susan, made me think. I don’t know all the technical things about my camera/photography. I just shoot what I ‘feel.” Sometimes it’s the light that speaks to me, sometimes the subject, or sometimes just a mood or “gut feeling” maybe? Sadly, that mood or feeling in my gut lately doesn’t feel very photo worthy. Hoping to get my creative mojo back soon. Your photography is always so lovely. Thank you for this calm space you share. 🙂

    1. I have those times too, Becca. It’s the ebb and flow of creativity and it’s frustrating at times. I only know that I much prefer an image that is evocative in some way over an image that is just technically perfect. Thanks for your kind words and for visiting…I think we all need a calm space lately.

  4. Hmmm, yes, gut feeling…but you have a trained eye….so you know how to give us the essence of your gut feeling. It is a skill

    1. Thanks but I’m not so sure about that, Sue. It’s a struggle. If I didn’t include words with my images, would others get the feeling I’m trying to convey? But then again, maybe it’s enough if they just feel something, anything 🙂

      1. I see where you are coming from, but I think as long as an image can make the viewer feel something, that has to be good!

  5. For me the eye is as fundamental for photography is a window is for looking outside; it’s the brain that got be shut up, because it can stand in between you and your eye and tell you where to look at; and then you only see what you know already.

  6. I too have had those thoughts. What a wonderful story-telling or story-wondering image this is. Simple yet full of wonder.

  7. I think I just call it being “in the zone”. Sometimes it’s there. Others not so much. I sense it going missing when I’m too busy or distracted, but never something I can force. Lovely thought-provoking post and quote.

  8. Darned good question. I think this image must have oriented in the gut. But it took great skill to pull if off. It has the look and feel of the Dutch masters.

  9. I always ask myself what I feel about an image while deciding whether or not to share it, and often my work bores me or I’m indifferent about it in some way, so back to the drawing board I go…. Your images consistently move me. Your work inspires!

  10. I believe in creating ‘from the gut.’ I’ve read many different takes on this idea. Basically, I think it means allowing our instincts to take over, our soul and heart over our head. You do that with your photography for sure. I try to do that with my writing. Creativity and imagination – it’s all a ‘gut’ feeling. xo

  11. I think anyone who’s been shooting for a while faces the same question – sometimes we succeed and sometimes not. You’ve done beautifully with this one Susan

  12. Lovely image.
    Many is the time that I have shared an image that pleases my soul … and no one elses.
    And that’s okay (well, most of the time)

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