floating into February


2017 started out with some changes, some new additions and some happy surprises

Our exhibit at The Bradley Estate turned out wonderfully
Met many talented, inspiring people
Loved the sharing of ideas
(a portion of the exhibit will remain on display until Valentine’s Day)

I was contacted by a magazine editor
my photos and a short article will be published
in their May issue
Will share more details soon.


And last but certainly not least
we adopted this sweet boy

meet Mozart
(yes, he is a genius)


All was good
until it wasn’t
and the world began to crumble
you already know the story
it’s everywhere
so much so, I’ve had to distance myself from social media in order to retain some sense of sanity.  I’ve never been comfortable sharing personal issues, religion or politics online, it has mainly been a platform to share photography and friendship.

I don’t live in a bubble. I read, I watch the news shows, I have lengthy discussions with my close friends and family members in the “real world”

And when I’m done with all of that, I go out with my camera. I climb on my raft..

“Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity. I don’t see a different purpose for it now.”

― Dorothea Tanning

I float, if only for a few moments.

43 Comments on “floating into February

  1. Great images Susan and I wish you the best of luck on the magazine article 😀 Can’t wait to see it.

  2. This is an exceptionally hard, painful and frightening time. I celebrate your achievements and support you 100% to stay strong and sane. We all need more Susan Lichts right now.

    • Thank you, glad I can help in some small way. Yes, Mozart is a good friend and his purrs are very soothing.

  3. How wonderful! I wish I lived closer and could have attended your exhibit. And I have no doubt that more editors will be inviting you to contribute to their magazines. Your photographs — your art — are beautiful.
    Aha! So that’s why Mozart has only been showing up recently. He’s a new addition. Lovely name for him.
    And, although I’m Canadian, believe me the ‘presidential’ news saturates our headlines, news stories, and social media. We had a radical student kill 6 innocent men while they prayed the other day and injure several others — because of the hatred the man down south incites. How very sad for everyone. I too have really made a point of not engaging in any of the talk — it’s far better to live with love and kindness and a genuine welcoming for our fellow ‘man’. Wishing you peace and many good times on that raft.

    • I can think of so many reasons why I wish you lived closer, Diane. Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. Not so sure that other publishers will be contacting me in the future, but happy to be able to say that I’ve been published. I will be able to cross that accomplishment off my bucket list 🙂

      You can hop on my raft anytime, my friend.

  4. Yes, Susan – it is a painful time. Like you, the whole point of joining FB was to share photos, visit friends but not to air personal business, politics, religion. I’ve unfollowed some people, even family members, because it was all too much. I find that Instagram is a much better respite from the craziness than Facebook. Congratulations on the magazine article and on Mozart!

    • Yes it is and I have done much of the same. I would delete my FB account but sometimes it’s the best way to communicate (creep on) with my sons. I also agree that IG is a better platform although politics have started to trickle in there too. Thanks for your support, Dotti, you can come float on my raft anytime 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Susan! I look forward to seeing the magazine article. Your art brings joy and light to my days, especially during these difficult times . Be well, dear Susan.

  6. I read this earlier today…and then after the boys went home, I came back to read it again. You always de-stress me with your words and your most warm and lovely photo’s. Mozart was a good reason for returning. I miss the antic of puppies and kittens although now we have Tucker and he is a freshie but so cute. I love your photo’s of Mozart, especially the one with him peeking out of the bag. And of course, tea, my savior at the end of the day, if wine is not an option…
    I loved visiting you and Carol at the show. Such lovely work. Amazing work really when I think of how it all came about and so much more than just the snap of the shutter button. You did an amazing job. I think my head would have been spinning.
    Now, the quiet…you know, when I’m with you, I feel your calmness and focus but yet underneath I also know you are not a wallflower. You have such good control and I’m just “out there”…yet it is all so easy.
    This post is beautiful and telling…I’m going to practice more restraint…less time on social media and more time building my brand…did I really just say “brand’…
    Thank you Susan for all that you do to inspire. I am so happy for all the good things that came to you last month. You deserve every bit of it. It did not happen by accident…you put your work out there and the world needed it…perhaps more now, then ever before…and so the world called to you…Enjoy. I’m be waiting for May…

    • Feels like Mozart has always been part of our family, he just fit in so perfectly. I imagine Tucker is quite the character and I hope to meet him one day.
      Thank you so much for all your kind words, Carol and I were both so happy that you and your husband came to our exhibit. I loved working on that project, I learned so much from the experience.
      As for social media, it’s easier to turn it all off there than it is in real life. I am actually more of an introvert than you know (I wrote that magazine article around this topic). I’m excited that you will be spending some time building your brand..I hope this means many more photos 🙂 I’m excited to see more of your wonderful work and to read all about it on your blog. You are such a good writer!
      Thank you, friend. xo

  7. Such a sweet new furry friend in your life! He’s so photogenic too! He sure knows how to pose and look at you with those unblinking eyes!
    Well done for getting your photos published in a magazine!
    It’s good to have a space and a place to go when the state of the world is getting us down.

    • Thank you, Sandra and yes, Mozart does seem to like the camera 🙂 I agree, a place of refuge is what I need right now, a breathing space.

  8. your photos are always so beautiful, Susan! congrats on the magazine article, looking forward to reading more about it 🙂 and Mozart is just adorable ♥

  9. I am so utterly happy for you. You deserve every bit of recognition that’s coming your way! As for floating and the refuge. I’ve tended to withdraw from all the chaos as I did when Nixon was elected…. and Reagan… and W… hope against hope that we can survive through this latest most extreme iteration. There’s some guilt in not supporting the opposition, but then the first priority is making sure my mind isn’t blown.

  10. Congrats on your well deserved success, Susan! Mozart looks like a very clever boy…who will give you lots of joy 🙂

    • He definitely is and he continues to give us lots of joy. Actually, he’s a bit of a bird watcher just like you! 🙂 Thanks so much, Tiny!

  11. Congratulations on all of this goodness. How lovely for you and so well deserved!
    I love that photography has been your “raft”. Another blogger friend has written more poetry, another with art, another gardening.
    Like you, I’ve spent time with likeminded friends.
    Marching in DC and hosting events that encourage women to run for office has helped.
    I’ve neglected my camera … and WordPress, too.
    It’s nice to be out and about on WP today, visiting friends and being inspired.
    Thank you for that.

    • Thanks so much, Laurie. We all need to somehow keep afloat these days. Staying busy with friends and working towards change are especially good activities. I need to catch up with you!

  12. Congratulations Susan, well deserved. The final idea is one so many of us relate to strongly. What I want to do is enlarge that raft! 🙂

  13. Congratulations Susan… this is great news… all your hard work has paid well!! 😊

    Really enjoying your pictures today, getting some inspiration! I love your picture of the typewriter! My brother bought me a brilliant 1970’s typewriter for Christmas, haven’t used it much yet, but also really want to photograph it well at some point. Your picture is very inspiring indeed… as they all are… so beautiful. I hope you get a lot more recognition, you certainly deserve it! 😌

  14. Hi Susan, just wanted to stop by and say how much I enjoyed your feature in the summer issue of Artful Blogging. I especially love the shot of the tangerines on the chair and of the bike seat. I do like your analogy of the selfless selfies-that resonates with me. Happy Weekend and congrats on the feature

    • Thank you, Kelly, so kind of you…and right back at you! Your images are all beautiful and you are such a good writer. I can so relate to your words, those feelings of self doubt, the trying to please everyone else. You should be so proud of your own unique voice! What an inspiration this magazine is. Going to visit everyone’s blogs eventually. Thank you again, so nice to meet you. Congratulations!

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