Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?










no words of wisdom
no thought provoking quotes
no poetry

just a quiet place
a breathing space
some respite

only images…and perhaps your own thoughts

what this site will be about for the time being

26 thoughts on “silence

  1. Cheryl

    It’s a beautiful space that you provide for your followers Susan..yes, like you, I have no words of wisdom either. My quiet thoughts tell me to surround myself with the good in my life. Shut the TV off for now, except for Ellen, because she makes me laugh and I need that. Keep the people I enjoy and love close to me…as we enter this Thanksgiving season…
    I love your quiet images, all offering a calm presence. Dark and moody but with enough light to see through to the outside. Just wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing your space for quite repose…


    Susan, your images, as they always are — are exquisite. These ones truly do whisper within the silence. In silence there are answers.

  3. bluebrightly

    Silence is an attractive option these days, isn’t it? I love that second to last photo – the hydrangeas – what perfection, those pricks of light falling just so, and the colors, serene.

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