apple fest

with a few pumpkins here and there..







“Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

19 thoughts on “apple fest

  1. Love, love, love the foggy Apple orchard photo. I really love them all but that one is really special…You are amazing to get out there everyday and make something happen. You inspire me to reach higher…Now that the cast is off (today) I will start roaming slowly around the neighborhood and hopefully soon testing out my new lens…apples will be first on the list…
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photo’s…your one of the best…I think I’ve told you that before…hey, I’m typing two handed again…

    1. So happy to hear that cast is off! Yay!! It’s a great time of year to get out there and take some shots…and I can’t wait to go on our photo walk in October. Have fun with that new lens.

  2. Susan, these are all just so beautiful and say Autumn…I am spellbound with the fog on the orchard though….it’s definitely one to be printed.

  3. You’re so good at giving us a tempting slice of everyday life, with a side dish of a little nostalgia. I too love the foggy orchard shot, and the one of the hand with apples.

  4. such exquisite images Susan. And I do enjoy the processing as well. What a charmed life. The diptychs are my favourite and then that final one of the apples on your table inside. Swoon worthy my dear. Swooning.

  5. Beautiful shots of autumn fruit and of course the pumpkins! I have to agree with Thoreau about apples being the noblest of fruits! That last shot on the tabletop is just beautiful. Happy autumn to you!

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