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A Labor of Love


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Part of a summer-long photo project I’ve been working on with Happy Gatherings Photography, inspired by the paintings of John Singer Sargent. Most of the photos in this series were styled at Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton, Massachusetts,  a property of The Trustees of Reservations.  Truly a labor of love!

 A photo exhibit is planned for later this year at The Bradley Estate.

Bradley Blog7

Bradley Blog26aa

Bradley Blog8

Bradley Blog25

Bradley Blog11

Bradley Blog12

Bradley Blog20

Bradley Blog28


Bradley Blog6

Bradley Blog15

Bradley Blog21

Bradley Blog10

Bradley Blog13

Bradley Blog22

Bradley Blog18

Bradley Blog31

Izzy picking collage

Bradley Blog24

Bradley Blog16

Bradley Blog29

Bradley Blog26

A huge thank you to Julie Early and The Trustees of Reservations, to my colleague, Carol MacGregor of Happy Gatherings Photography
and to the following vendors for their contributions:

Petal Pushers Floral Studio
Bakery on the Common
Counting Sheep Antiques
Thoreauly Antiques

51 thoughts on “A Labor of Love

  1. Gina

    Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful project, Susan! These images are so romantic and dreamy….really do capture the feeling of a time gone by. Congratulations.

    1. Susan Post author

      I’m so happy you think so, Gina! Thanks so much! May be visiting Berkeley again this September, spending a day or two before driving out to Yosemite. Maybe we can have lunch?

  2. kmSalvatore

    Yes’ magical !!! I can’t stop going through all of these, how beautiful Susan. Fabulous groupings. A real work of art… The love… You can feel it!!!
    Beautiful job Susan

    1. Susan Post author

      It was a real team effort and a joy to work with Carol. Thank you so much, Kathy. I’m so happy you enjoyed it and I always appreciate your kind comments!

    1. Susan Post author

      I always enjoy working with Carol, I learn so much and I think we work well together. I’ve loved every minute of this project. Thanks so much for your very kind words, friend. xo

  3. Cheryl

    Susan these are all so beautiful and of the finest quality. I can see your hand in everyone of them. Such beauty. Now you have peeked my curiosity and I will go to the showing when you have it and I’m going to check out that mansion. I am a member of the trustees so I’m always interested in a new place.
    So happy for you. You truly are one if the best. What a body of work.🍷👏🏻

    1. Susan Post author

      Thank you, friend and I would love for you to come to our exhibit! It’s such a beautiful estate, I think you will love it. It’s like stepping back in time. I’m excited about our trip to Appleton Farm in September, can’t wait to finally meet you.

      1. Cheryl

        I will be there. When you get the dates, let me know so I can make sure nothing else gets planned for that time. Yes, September is going to be wonderful. I can’t wait to meet you also…

  4. Dotti

    This is truly an inspirational project and simply beautiful – and again, inspirational – photography! I’ve been in a slump this summer but this post has fanned the flames for me. Now – if only it wouldn’t rain again tomorrow …

    1. Susan Post author

      Thanks, Dotti. Sometimes researching a long term project is just the thing to get you out of a slump..along with some sunshine. We need some rain badly here, our gardens are really drying up. I’ll trade you!

  5. Sandra

    What a wonderful series of photographs, Susan and what an amazing place to take them. They’re so romantic and you have created a style from another era gone by. They are all enhanced by the beautiful house and grounds. What an amazing project to have worked on and now to see these lovely collages must make you so happy and proud! Well done!

    1. Susan Post author

      Thank you very much, Sandra. It really is a beautiful place, the house, the gardens, the trails..all so lovely. I’m anxious to go back for another visit.

    1. Susan Post author

      Yes, so much creative fun and I did enjoy every minute. Thank you, Gunta, you are always so kind. Now I’m anxious to catch up on all I’ve missed this summer 🙂

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