a glimpse


a glass half full









“To play catch on an evening, to smell the river, to hear the train pass. These little towns were once the bold ramparts meant to shelter just such peace.”

~ Marilyne Robinson



October 2020, Deerfield, MA











the harvesters





It’s a tedious, back breaking job. These harvesters help make Halloween happen here in New England and beyond. Tossing them gently, keeping stems in tact.

Work only for capable, human hands.











edge of night


things that save me: photography, walks, wine

pretty much in that order














from stockbridge to boston

One day this week, after growing tired of being at home, I grabbed my camera, hopped in the car and headed west on the turnpike. I turned off onto some back roads where I discovered some sweet, sleepy little towns. Even before the pandemic, exploring small towns had always been a favorite pastime of mine. For the most part, I avoided the touristy areas (except for a final stop in downtown Stockbridge for some apple cobbler and an iced pumpkin latte). 

While walking around, I wonder what it’s like to live in these communities. I imagine small neighborhood schools, church suppers, and getting all the news from the local town diner (minus television and laptops).

One local gentleman sitting in Carm’s Diner remarked, “We like it here.  It’s quiet.”

Here are just a few random scenes that caught my eye.



















I look forward to returning here in December.

I’ve heard “the Berkshires seem dreamlike on account of that frosting.”

I have no doubt about that.