Something new in the air today, perhaps the struggle of the bud to become a leaf. -Jim Harrison

around town









a quick walk through town. Empty streets, yards and shops. Reminds me of that 1950s movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Just replace the martians with a horrible virus. After seeing that movie years ago, I remember having nightmares. Those nightmares have returned.











strange times

these days of quarantines and lockdowns
thankfully I’m still able to get outdoors and walk
it’s eerily quiet
and I have to admit, I am kind of enjoying that aspect
taking advantage of these slow days, shooting film (which always slows me down and forces me to think)
trying new recipes, reading, keeping in touch with family, close friends and neighbors via FaceTime and texts
keeping busy, keeping creative, keeping calm,
keeping watch
and hoping we all stay healthy
until this virus is eradicated.

Spring arrives in 3 more days, regardless