the return

           I wonder do they sing the same songs while they’re away?            


The places we escape to, are often right here at home I’ve been scarce here lately. Both of my sons came home for a visit and we enjoyed some much needed family time. And since it’s summer, like many of you, I have been spending a lot of time outdoors. In fact, most sunny mornings I take my laptop out on our deck and…

Blizzard of 2015

Snow storm Juno roared in and left us with 34 inches of light fluffy snow nice gift, huh? But seriously, it is the season and I actually think snowless winters are rather boring By then end of February, I’ll be wishing it all away but right now, I’m loving the beautiful blanketed landscape and the wonderful quietness it brings. “It’s being here now that’s…

morning blanket

“The country seems bigger, for you can see through the bare trees. There are times when the woods is absolutely still and quiet. The house holds warmth. A wet snow comes in the night and covers the ground and clings to the trees, making the whole world white. For a while in the morning the world is perfect and beautiful. You think you will…

beam me up, Scotty

hello November and daylight savings while the hummers are long gone I plan to savor every beam of light I can during these long cold months ahead.