conversation without words

As a long time admirer of Victoria’s work, I was honored when she contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in collaborating. I often wonder how other photographers interpret my work. I’m never sure if my feelings come across…or maybe something different is seen that I hadn’t noticed. The photos Victoria chose to pair with mine seem like a perfect fit, like she was reading my mind. But of course, that’s just my interpretation. Thank you, Victoria!

“It’s been a while since I posted a set of pairings of my artwork with another artist. This series explores the relationship between my own creative investigations and those of my peers whom I admire.  One of the things that I love about instagram is that it allows me to discover new photographers from across the US, and the world.  When I first saw Susan Licht’s (@susanlicht) images on this platform, I was immediately drawn to them for both their mood and their content.  Her photographs illustrate a command of light and composition that is seductive.  
Similar to my own photographic interests, Licht captures images from her everyday life, and uses keen observation to highlight humble, yet intimate moments.  She is a strong proponent of beauty in her photography, which is something that is also central to my artwork.  Licht says, “For me, beauty is something that stops me in my tracks, evokes a feeling, an emotion, a mood or even a memory. Something that touches one’s soul.”  
Susan Licht is a fine art photographer from the Boston area whose primary focus is on natural light and how it can transform a mundane object into a thing of beauty, or an everyday scene into something extraordinary.”

Pairing #1Licht: Edge of Night Heilweil: Sisyphus 16
Pairing #2Licht: Glass Half Full Heilweil: Sisyphus 1 
Pairing #3Licht: Autumn Ghost Heilweil: Day 3 (3-19-20)