Last chapter











Summer sings its long song, and all the notes are green.
But there’s a click, somewhere in the middle
of the month, as we reach the turning point, the apex,
a Ferris wheel, cars tipping and tilting over the top,
and we see September up ahead, school and schedules
returning. And there’s the first night you step outside
and hear the katydids arguing, six more weeks
to frost, and you know you can make it through to fall.
Dark now at eight, nights finally cooling off for sleep,
no more twisting in damp sheets, hearing mosquitoes’
thirsty whines. Lakes of chicory and Queen Anne’s lace
mirror the sky’s high cirrus. Evenings grow chilly,
time for old sweaters and sweatpants, lying in the hammock
squinting to read in the quick-coming dusk.
A few fireflies punctuate the night’s black text,
and the moonlight is so thick, you could swim in it
until you reach the other side.

~ Barbara Crooker

24 thoughts on “Last chapter

  1. Lovely images, Susan, as ever…..I especially love the bicycle laden with fruit, the single flower, the cup held by the window and the book on the bed. More, please!

  2. Wonderful images of summer very slightly on the wane and really lovely text to accompany them.
    I especially love the bike loaded with things from the garden and the rainy day with a big cup of something hot. I am looking forward to autumn while still enjoying the colours and beauty of this season.

  3. So very lovely, every image and word… so very refreshing to get lost in your photos while looking out at thick smoke here! We badly need some fall rains to quench the raging fire. Hope it doesn’t take six weeks.

  4. Your photography, by far, is my absolute favourite. It’s your eye and what and how you capture life, but it’s also the refreshing simplicity as well. I adore each and every one. That first one makes me swoon. Oh and what an excellent poem you’ve paired these with — she writes so well. Her words conjure such images and memories.

  5. Total gorgeousness. I love the light in your photos, always so magical, and your use of DOF…and the poem adds the perfect touch for the transition into fall. I can’t wait to see your autumn photos!

  6. Such a lovely poem, and it so captures the feeling of summer in certain places, as your photographs do. It’s interesting to me that the feeling is different here in the Pacific Northwest, though the summer wanes in similar ways. Enjoy these last days, Susan!

  7. Those words by Barbara Crooker really say it perfectly, don’t they?
    I do love fall!
    And the image of raindrops on the window. Lovely

  8. I returned to these photos again early this September Saturday morning. They’re so soothing, even though I’m holding on to the last remnants of summer (it’s warm and humid this weekend) with my fingernails. How’d you find a quote that pairs so perfectly with your photos?! Here’s to the first chapter of the rest of the year. xoxo

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