“a world onto itself”






tide pool dip





bridge dippy-


clam shack dip








colony inn view-






Wells and Kennebunkport, Maine

“There’s a quality of life in Maine which is this singular and unique, I think.  It’s absolutely a world onto itself.”

Jamie Wyeth

26 thoughts on ““a world onto itself”

  1. You have captured the spirit of Maine in your series, Susan. Spent many summers in York Beach so this area brings back fond memories. Wonderful images!

  2. Susan, what a great photo tour! Wonderful photographs. Makes me want to visit your neck of the woods. I am so glad spring has arrived. I love the photo of the pansies in the flower box, such a great shot. And the one of the old truck, there is something about old trucks that tug at my heart and remind me of my childhood.

      1. Jerry and I will come visit you…anytime! 🙂 No, seriously, I can tell how much you love this area by the love seen in your photos. I felt immersed in them, and the beauty of the place. xo

  3. You got it all so beautifully, especially my favorite beach. What a perfect weather week to be there. I love the lay-out that you use on your blog page.

  4. Heavenly! I love Kennebunkport and Wells! I have looked at these several times first because they’re so lovely and second because they inspire me. We’re leaving for our beach vacation Friday. We head down south to Kiawah Island. You have inspired me!

  5. Your beaches are so different then ours here in the PNW. Thank you so much for taking me with you. Your photos are stunning as always!

  6. wonderful shots… It smells summer and vacation. While I lived in QC, I went camping to Kennebunkport but really it is so long ago that I don’t remember much. Thanks for sharing !

  7. Somehow I never made it up to Maine much while living in New England, but the first few images had me thinking of the Cape. You do manage to create such a wonderful, relaxed and serene mood. It’s like taking a vacation without leaving home. Lucky you to be thinking of a vacation home on the Maine coast! Wishing you great luck with that!

  8. I can only echo some other commenters by saying this took me back. It’s been too many years, and some things change, some things don’t. One that did: the old L.L. Bean store. I arrived in Freeport at about midnight one night in the early 70’s. We drove straight up from NY in an old VW camper bus. The store was open 24/7 – unusual in those days. Upstairs the coffee pot was on, the floorboards creaked, a few older salesmen lounged in a corner and the stock was neatly stacked on big tables. Gulls cried outside and ah, it was my first taste of Maine! We went all the way to Campobello that trip – it was heaven.
    (We were just talking about lobster rolls the other day!).
    Best of luck with the house hunt – it can’t be easy these days, got to be ready to move fast.
    I especially liked the opening group of bleached out images, the library, the Fine Print storefront and the bar interior.
    Enjoy, Susan!

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