when the leaves fall..

            secrets are revealed                


  On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in the North End Boston, Massachusetts

seaside charm

“And so taking the long way home through the market I slow my pace down. It doesn’t come naturally. My legs are programmed to trot briskly and my arms to pump up and down like pistons, but I force myself to stroll past the stalls and pavement cafes. To enjoy just being somewhere, rather than rushing from somewhere, to somewhere. Inhaling deep lungfuls of…

the witch house

in 1692, Sarah Clayes was convicted of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials both her sisters had been accused as well and were hung for their crime but she somehow managed to escape from prison and along with her husband, Peter, traveled by foot all the way down the Old Connecticut Path from Ipswich to Framingham where they eventually built this home in 1693….

back in time

with only a little over a week left of summer vacation my college boy and I have been doing some day trips exploring some of our favorite haunts here in Massachusetts one such place is Longfellow’s Wayside Inn and surrounding grounds this is one of my favorite places to wander the structure pictured here is an old mill it once provided The Inn guests…