useful creatures




Just a minute, Wilbur.
[she climbs up and wraps the fly]
Charlotte: He’ll make a perfect breakfast for me.
Wilbur: [shuddering] Ooooh. You mean you eat flies?
Charlotte: Why, certainly. I eat anything that gets caught in my web. I have to live, don’t I?
Wilbur: [nervously] Why, yes, of course. Do they taste good?
Charlotte: Delicious.
Wilbur: LECCH!
Charlotte: Course, I don’t really *eat* them, I drink their blood. I love blood.
Wilbur: [gasps] Oh, please don’t say things like that.
Charlotte: Why not? It’s true.
Wilbur: But it’s *cruel*.
Charlotte: Well, you can’t talk. You have your meals brought to you in a pail. Nobody feeds me. I live by my wits.
Wilbur: It just seems an odd sort of diet.
Charlotte: Do you realize that if I didn’t eat them, bugs would get so numerous, they’d destroy the earth? Spiders are really very useful creatures.

and the journey begins

Greetings from some starving village in Eastern Europe! 

 Oh wait…I’m in Detroit. 

Never mind.


First text from Eric as he embarks on his trip to Europe today





Andy sends greetings from Hawaii

He has climbed Diamondhead

explored some beaches

and has eaten lots of sushi

and sno-cones

and that’s all that I have learned through

a few short text messages and photos

I’m hoping that he gives us a call soon

as I’m anxious to hear more details!


while Andy is slumming it in paradise

my oldest son, Eric will be leaving for Europe on Sunday

it will be strange to have my kids on opposite sides of the world!

back home, we are getting ready to enjoy a nice, long

Memorial Day weekend

time to remember those who fought for our country


the unofficial start of summer


Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.
~R. Feynman



things are happening

beautiful color bursting from all that green

the iris and the mountain laurel

and the morning glories are beginning their climb