someone’s watching

a rainy afternoon

cozy in my favorite chair

by the window

ingrossed in my book

I suddenly felt a pair of eyes…


I wonder if he enjoyed the story

to market, to market











My creation





they come by bus, by car,
by foot, by bike

by stroller, and by wheelchair

the young and the old

to shop, to eat

to smell the flowers,

the rich aroma of roasted coffees

and freshly baked breads

or just to stop and chat with neighbors and friends

a little slice of life

a celebration of community

in the summer


who doesn’t love the farmer’s market!

what to do…

with all those tomatoes!

my refrigerator is full of them

fresh from the gardens of friends and neighbors

one of my favorite ways to use them up

is to roast them

and throw them on pasta

easy, peasy!



summer goodness




I marinate my cherry tomatoes in olive oil with a spash of balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, a sprinkle of kosher salt and black pepper. I then spread them out on a baking sheet at roast them in a 400 degree oven for approx. 12 to 15 minutes. Add them to cooked pasta (I like to use thin spaghetti but you can use any type). Add some fresh chopped basil and parsley and toss well. Sprinkle with some crumbled goat cheese and you have a great summer dish!  Quick and simple!

sign of our times


on a lovely tree lined street
surrounded by stately homes
a family once called this home
the kids that grew up here
went to school every morning
played Monopoly on the farmer’s porch in the summer
mom tucked them in bed every night
there were celebrations here
birthdays, anniversaries
a Christmas tree stood in the livingroom
and it’s lights shown bright through the front window every December
for years

until one day it all changed

at least that’s how I imagine it

in my mind

every time I pass by this house

in denial


















Monday, August 3, 1987

7:51 am

after being in labor for 36 hours

he finally arrived

he took his first step at 1 year and 1 day

his first words were mama, dada, uh-oh and go car

his first little friend was named Jake

he loved to sing Oh do da day

he spent hours in the sandbox

when he was 2,

he would go hide behind our big potted plant in the livingroom

and poop his diaper

if we asked him what he was doing there

he would always reply

“don’t bother me, I’m doing my work!”


it just can’t be

that today, he turns 25