early morning

after the rain

everything sparkles

it’s Friday

and all is good

Eric comes home from Europe today


Shutter Sister’s has featured

one of my photos on their website

you can view it HERE

all is well!

happy weekend!












sun, rain, sun, rain

that’s the pattern lately

one minute I’m out in the warm sun, playing in my gardens

and the next,

I’m running from a thunderstorm!


“If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”
~Charles Dickens







after a few wet, cold rainy days

the sun finally peeked out today

and with it brought

all the birds

both small

and large!


You never know…


(Julie Jacobson / AP)


where music can take you!

this young lady played cello in an orchestra with my son, Andy

and I’m sure it was her superb music skills that won over the judges

wouldn’t you agree?

(ha ha)


while I’m not a big fan of beauty pageants

I am happy to hear that one of her causes

is to keep music in our schools

so BRAVO Olivia!

scenes from across the pond







From Bristol and Bath in the UK

to Paris and Lyon, France

just a few peeks of Eric’s travels so far

up next…Germany and Belgium!