a little night music

a sneak peek

just a few clips from Tanglewood’s 75th

the full concert will be aired on public television

WGBH Boston

on Great Performances in August

so check your local listings!















packing again

leaving for the Berkshires

Lenox, MA to be exact

to celebrate the 75th anniversary

of a very special place


where we will have the pleasure

of being in the company of

some pretty spectacular talent


The Pops

Yo Yo Ma

John Williams

Andris Nelsons

Emmanuel Ax

Peter Serkin

Ann-Sophie Mutter

The Tanglewood Festival Chorus

and even

James Taylor

to name a few

a birthday bash! 

75 years of musical history at one of the most beautiful places in the country



I found this old film on You Tube

funny that clothing styles have certainly changed

but the music remains the same!




we have babies!





we came home from vacation

and there she was

with 2 in tow

parading them around for all to see

she’s one proud (although protective) momma!

snapshots of a Cape vacation


ever wish that time could stand still?



andy and eric beach

a, e and b swim

a sea cruise

andy lobster lunch

biking woodshole

biker mom

andy theater

andy theater bio

andy bio

a and orchestra

sunbathing and swimming
lobster picnics
a 20 mile bike ride
followed by ice cream
a movie night
a habor cruise and margaritas
and a little light opera
thrown in

a whole week together
a perfect little Cape Cod vacation

by the sea…

by the sea



beach cloud

beach boys

a little help from dad


father and son

sand play