In the spirit


…freshly cut Christmas trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin – inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night…”
~ John Geddes

decorations have been brought down from the attic
each day I put up a few
taking my time
enjoying every minute
the tree will go up this weekend
sure would be nice to get a bit of snow!

calm things

November still life

glass and light

calm things
the Japanese term for still life
and also the title of both a book and a blog by Shawna Lemay
a wonderful poet, essayist and photographer from Canada
(who happens to be married to the fantastic painter, Robert Lemay)

I have been so inspired by both her writing and her photography
she has a unique and wonderful way of seeing things

“I’m astonished at how many worlds there are within the world,
at how the past lives in the present and how it sings,
silent, still, in a loaf of bread, in an apple on the sill,
in a handful of tomatoes passed over the fence.”

I find myself looking at things a bit differently now
from the way the light falls on a piece of glass
to the bending of frozen flower from my garden

“It seems to me that part of what a still life does is make what is regarded commonly un-sacred, sacred.
The un-holy, holy. We experience life in all its details.”

and so, I’ve been playing around a bit with my own photography
I’ve even started pouring through some art books from the library

and if you have a minute (I’m sure you’ll want to stay longer!)
I encourage you to pay Shawna a visit HERE

Be inspired, experience the calm!

still life

there's still life

there's still life ll

through time

one last reach

I found her in a pot on the patio
she was just starting to bloom
when the November cold swept in
but I saw that she was a fighter
so I brought her in
to live out her days
in the warmth of my kitchen
it was the least I could do


Cheers to The Red Sox!!!!!

To The Boston Red Sox
2013 World Series Champs!!!


Trick or Treat?!


there's a chill...

there’s a chill in the air
many areas around us had frost this morning
it will come any day now for us
the leaves are falling
and all those lovely colors are turning to brown

I took a breather today
stayed inside
tired of all the running around I’ve done this week
and the many late nights (cheering on the Red Sox!)

although, tonight I will be off again
my son’s orchestra is performing at Symphony Hall in Boston
but I may need something stronger than this tea
before heading out the door once again…

wishing you all a warm and cozy weekend ahead!