through the Green Mountains

on a very hot and hazy weekend in Vermont “The mountain stood there to be pointed at. Pasture ran up the side a little way, And then there was a wall of trees with trunks; After that only tops of trees, and cliffs Imperfectly concealed among the leaves.” ~ Robert Frost


The degree of nothingness is important: to sit emptily in the sun receiving fire that is the way to mend an extraordinary world, sitting perfectly still and only remotely human ~ Phyllis Webb A gentle reminder to appreciate each and every moment Because as Mother Nature taught us yesterday Life can change in an instant My thoughts and prayers are with those in Oklahoma.

over in the meadow

my mind was once the true survey Of all these meadows fresh and gay; And in the greenness of the grass Did see its hopes as in a glass. ~ Andrew Marvell ______________ because I needed to see some green today I dug these photos out of my archives seems I’m surrounded by browns and grays lately and with a storm forcast to hit…


Lake Champlain Summer 2011   “Only in a place like this do earth and sky come together in such a way that they bridge into one, and in such a place a person could put up her arms and find herself in heaven.” ~ Laura Pritchett