at home a fresh dusting of snow struggling with the cold searching for inspiration playing with the light attempting to keep those creative juices flowing somehow All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make, the better. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

of lunch and daydreams

      I know this is pretty random but it’s Friday and it’s still unbearably cold out I’m in hibernation mode eating comfort foods and daydreaming about all the things that I want to plant in my garden this spring happy weekend all hope you are warm wherever you are!

our winter of discontent

As I’m sitting here going through some old photos I can hear the wind howling outside an Arctic blast of air is due to hit tonight and it reminded me that it is indeed Winter in New England however, I’m not going to complain as we have had it pretty easy thus far unlike the Winter of 2010/2011 when it seemed to snow just…

an indoor day

          it was just that kind of a day snow, sleet, rain my “college son” and I hibernated he curled up with a book while I did some baking and made a big pot of pasta sauce for dinner tonight I’m savoring this little bit of time left before he goes back to school on Sunday


            “> /> “>   Christmas brings out the kid in all of us and you are never too old to carry out traditions everyone is home the cooking is done the decorating is finished time to enjoy!