there's a chill...

there’s a chill in the air
many areas around us had frost this morning
it will come any day now for us
the leaves are falling
and all those lovely colors are turning to brown

I took a breather today
stayed inside
tired of all the running around I’ve done this week
and the many late nights (cheering on the Red Sox!)

although, tonight I will be off again
my son’s orchestra is performing at Symphony Hall in Boston
but I may need something stronger than this tea
before heading out the door once again…

wishing you all a warm and cozy weekend ahead!

falling for Paris


you are probably a bit puzzled about the title here
but I’ll explain in a minute…
first of all, it was a very fun yet busy weekend
my “Ohio son” came home, along with some friends, and we all attended the wedding of his best friend
the first of his old high school friends to marry
it was a perfect autumn day and a very beautiful wedding



everyone left yesterday
and I woke up to a very quiet house this morning
a typical Monday
until I got a call from my husband
informing me that we may have a trip to Paris in early 2014
such wonderful news because we had previously planned a trip
that fell through when his French business colleagues came to the US instead
so my Monday was definitely improving here!

later in the morning another nice surprise came my way
when I happened to open my Flickr mail
and found a message from a business in Paris
that is interested in licensing some of my photos
for their brochure and ad campaign
at first I thought it was a hoax
but after getting more info
and researching their business
it seems legit!  so now we just have to work out some details..

Tres bien!

si passionnant!!

now I’m off to brush up on my Rosetta Stone French…

on the farm



baby to baby

henny penny

the ladies club


last weekend, we spent a lovely afternoon at Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle
amidst the cows, chickens, goats, pigs and rabbits
we walked some of the trails, of which there are over 20 miles worth
filled with mountain bikers, horseback riders, and hikers like us
in the winter, they offer cross country skiing and a lantern lined trail for
what they call “moonlight skiing”
sounds like a lot of fun to me…we will have to dust off our skis this winter!
we ended our visit at the ice cream stand
and of course, being a dairy farm,
it was some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.
sorry…I didn’t photograph it 😦

I’m late in posting this

the week just kinda got away from me
and it’s already Friday!
I’m so ready for the weekend
as you probably are too…

Hope it’s a great one!!


one day in the not so long ago...

December, 1997
A couple weeks before Christmas
we took our boys to New York City for the first time
Eric was 10 years old, Andrew, 6
we did all the touristy things
Central Park, Rockefeller Center,
Times Square, Ellis Island
The Carnegie Deli for lunch
Little Italy for dinner
we stayed at the Marriott World Trade
right next to the Towers
the highlight of the weekend was
going to the top of the North Tower
the boys talked about it for years after
and still have vivid memories today

We have since been to NYC many times
but yesterday all I could think of was that particular time
seeing the city through the eyes my young children
I suddenly remembered that there were some photos…somewhere..
so after searching through a few boxes, I came across several
I really like this one, although certainly not a great photo,it was all of us
and both Towers were in the background

so I decided to put it on my Flickr page
where I put most of my images..the good, the bad and the ugly
this time I disabled the comments

but then a rather remarkable thing happened…

I started receiving flickr emails
some from contacts and some from complete strangers
stories….memories..of the WTC

from a woman who wrote “My husband and I were both Delta Airlines crew members and in 1984, while on a layover, he asked me to marry him at Windows On The World on the top floor.”

One man wrote, “I attended high school up the river in Orange Co. We all watched those towers being built, rising floor by floor over the years until the year my class graduated, 1973. Each of us always felt they were in some way “ours.” I still cannot believe they are gone.”

Another wrote how he once had a terrific job offer that he had to turn down because it meant his office would be in one of the Towers and he was afraid of heights. Though he was always in awe of the Towers and wished that he could experience the view, he could never summon the courage to do it.

And these are just a few of the stories

Bittersweet, all.

As I was reading last night, I thought about the connections we all had with the WTC. I was able to think a bit beyond the horror of 9-11. Although I will never forget, maybe it’s all part of a healing process, I don’t know. But no matter what relationship you had with the Towers…they were once truly the windows on the world.

My sons now have a story to tell…

hello september


in the golden hour

better with age

“Happily we bask in this warm September sun,
Which illuminates all creatures…”
– Henry David Thoreau

my son is all settled back at college…his senior year (yikes!)
and I’m settling back into the rhythms…the routines
back to my walks around the lake
and the pond
me and the mosquitoes…damn, I’ll be glad when they’re gone!
noticing how the light is changing
a few yellow leaves on the trees
and apples!
don’t know what the farmers have to say
but it looks to me like it’s going to be a good apple season
looking forward to lots of pie baking this fall!