scenes from across the pond







From Bristol and Bath in the UK

to Paris and Lyon, France

just a few peeks of Eric’s travels so far

up next…Germany and Belgium!

return to the mainland




Andy returned home yesterday

after a fabulous 10 days in Hawaii

he hiked mountains

dove from cliffs into the ocean

snorkled in Shark Cove

and visited Pearl Harbor

now it’s back to reality

back to some heavy violin practice

as he’s been chosen to play the Mozart Concertante

next fall in a violist friend’s recital

he’s very excited!


Meanwhile, my son Eric spent most of the week in the UK

in Bristol to be exact

he loved the English countryside

many festivities going on

with the Queen’s Jubilee

unfortunately, he hasn’t had much success with the wiFi

but hopes to send some photos at some point

yesterday, he flew to Paris

next few days will be spent filming in France

little reminder Eric, if you read this

don’t forget to buy me those macarons!