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Monday, August 3, 1987

7:51 am

after being in labor for 36 hours

he finally arrived

he took his first step at 1 year and 1 day

his first words were mama, dada, uh-oh and go car

his first little friend was named Jake

he loved to sing Oh do da day

he spent hours in the sandbox

when he was 2,

he would go hide behind our big potted plant in the livingroom

and poop his diaper

if we asked him what he was doing there

he would always reply

“don’t bother me, I’m doing my work!”


it just can’t be

that today, he turns 25



taking it to the streets


it seems that my son Andy and some friends from the Opera Orchestra
have formed a string quartet
and last night, on a night off from the theater,
they took their music to the streets of Cape Cod
Woods Hole and downtown Falmouth
they played for fun
but soon discovered that their instrument cases were filling up with $$$
which of course was an extra added bonus!
they are looking forward to playing again tonight
as apparently a restaurant owner asked if they could come back
and play in front of his place for his patrons.
so if you are in Falmouth tonight
listen for the music!

snapshots of a Cape vacation


ever wish that time could stand still?



andy and eric beach

a, e and b swim

a sea cruise

andy lobster lunch

biking woodshole

biker mom

andy theater

andy theater bio

andy bio

a and orchestra

sunbathing and swimming
lobster picnics
a 20 mile bike ride
followed by ice cream
a movie night
a habor cruise and margaritas
and a little light opera
thrown in

a whole week together
a perfect little Cape Cod vacation

on pause


for a few days

playing hookey

and looking forward to spending some time at the Cape with my husband and sons

Eric will be driving here from Ohio and Andy of course, is there for the summer

(and I’m so happy to report that the light opera that they performed, Ruddigore, got rave reviews)

it’s been months since we have all been together.

and speaking of the Cape, I have a new photo friend that I would like to introduce you to.  Her name is Elizabeth and she’s a photographer currently living on Cape Cod.  She shares her many wonderful works on her blog, Elizabeth Thomas, Photography of Cape Cod.

Originally from Connecticut, followed by a number of years in Canada, then several towns here and there in Massachusetts I have been fortunate enough to finally settle on Cape Cod for the past 20+ years. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful New England scenery has helped to inspire the love I have always had for photography. Being an avid gardener I truly appreciate beautiful landscapes, flowers, birds, sunsets and the environment! Travels within the United States and beyond have afforded me opportunities to take some fabulous photos!
So be sure to stop by, meet her family and her dogs and be amazed at her wonderful photos!
and if I’m not back
I’d like to wish you all
a very happy
4th of July
in advance!