a sense of Christmas

cone collage

xmas bulb snow

orchard snow

downtown shoppers

antique collage

toy collage



I wonder whether the Christmas feeling has anything to do with the sixth sense. Perhaps we’re a little more the angels at Christmas than we are during the rest of the year. And Christmas is about all the other senses. I can smell Christmas, I can taste Christmas, and I can see and hear it.”

~ Jostein Gaarder, Through a Glass, Darkly

around the kitchen table



in a bowl on the chair

small gatherings

Apple pie




knitting again, a few trips to the library, the boys came home, Thanksgiving dinner all together, some musical accompaniment, morning coffee and conversation (much catching up to do), and our first significant snowfall.


with gratitude

simple gifts

the last few years have been a lesson in gratitude
for the simple things
I no longer get frazzled over the holidays
if I forget the cranberry sauce, it’s no biggie
since my family is now scattered across the US
I am thankful just to be at the dining room table
all together this Thanksgiving.

I am also so thankful for all of YOU
for your visits and for your support
and for your wonderful, inspiring work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate
and I wish everyone a wonderful week!

lilac days

DSC_0085 (2)


“The lilac branches are bowed under the weight of the flowers: blooming is hard, and the most important thing is – to bloom.”

~ Yevgeny Zamiyatin

Cape Cod villages are filled with white picket fences and blooming lilacs, the streets are filled with their wonderful scent. I always associate lilacs with Memorial Day…I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead!