more than expected





















To have a good day is more than I expect, sometimes.
But I did enjoy the one that started with my child asking,
while looking at the calendar, “Is today an odd or evil day?”

~Whiskey River

(you can’t be sure these days)


Humbled and grateful to have my work featured in the Summer 2017 edition of “Bella Grace Magazine”. Β A sweet start to the season.



21 thoughts on “more than expected

  1. Congratulations (but Bella Grace Magazine is the lucky one to be able to feature your photos)! I love every one of your photos. They’re all so wonderful. I’m happy to see that you and Mozart are enjoying the summer!

  2. wow, congratulations on the feature Susan — I fully understand why they would wish to feature your images. Every one of these images is a treasure as well. I’m in the midst of sorting/packing for next week’s move and the upcoming household liquidation — so maybe I’ll get a blog post done in a few weeks (fingers crossed) πŸ™‚ Happy Summer to you and yours!

  3. I need to get my hands on that issue! Such beautiful moments captured Susan and I too love seeing them all here together on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Summer is in the air on your blog. Congrats again on you Bella Grace post. Also so nice to see Mozart capturing some zzz’s when he’s not at work doing his floral arrangements or editing his books. All of you life in photos are a dream to view. You make my world such a happy and relaxing place when I come to visit.
    Happy Summer Susan…

  5. Lovely photos, Susan! Yes, we often have/get more than expected, but featuring your work by this magazine was completely expected !

  6. Having a good day is what you seem to do so well – or at least your photos give that impression! πŸ˜‰ I’m struck by the 5th photo down – the painted wall and sky – love it. The bouquets, bare feet in the grass, peonies (ALWAYS peonies!) – all of it, lovely. And congratulations on being published – again, if I remember right!

  7. I’m so very happy that you’re receiving such well deserved recognition. Your photos always seem to take me into such a lovely dreamy place. It’s such a joy to visit here!

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