catching up



It’s been weeks since I’ve had a chance to sit and catch up. Spring is in full force, although today it feels a bit like autumn with a brisk chill in the air. We had a week of rain that left everything lush and green and the tree blossoms are just glorious now.






We actually got to experience spring a bit early when we took a road trip down to North Carolina to see my son. We stopped along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and did a bit of hiking. Β The views were incredible.


Gearing up for a busy couple of months ahead, which will include a trip to the Maine coast, a family reunion and an exciting photo project.

Once again, I will be teaming up with Carol MacGregor (Happy Gatherings Photography) for a shoot at the beautiful Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton, Massachusetts. This project will be based on the art of John Singer Sargent. The Bradley Estate is one of many sites run by The Trustees of Reservations and this year will mark their 125th anniversary. We met with the director last week and got the Board’s full approval and we’re now doing tons of research and collecting of props. Very happy to be part of this celebration.


So that’s life in a nutshell..back to my usual short and less chatty posts. Have a lovely week ahead.

25 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Wonderful photos of beautiful pink blossom. I have posted a lot of pink on Instagram lately from our garden – it’s great how much there is πŸ˜„

  2. So many gorgeous signs of spring! An exciting new photography project and poetic washing on the line, including a branch of lovely lilac!

  3. Most of all I love the header with the white, frilly girly things on the line. I love being able to hang things out in the fresh air. They smell so lovely when you bring that fresh air smell into the house. Sounds like fun projects coming up. Enjoy! And we’ll be here when you get back to us!

  4. I love that your catching up. So many pretty spring blossoms to see here, each pink a very different shade. Each bud blooming in its own way and time. All so lovely. Your trip sounds wonderful. We own time share in Virginia, right along the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is so colorful there in the spring.
    Good luke with your new project. I know you will do a fantastic job. Now I will hop over and see your friend.
    Happy weekend Susan.

  5. Oh my….the blooms are spectacular! Love, love the hanging clothes banner too. Really appreciate your sweet comments on Instagram about my photography more than you know. Would love to connect on email or phone chat to get more acquainted.

  6. So glad you enjoyed the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I’m just hoping that it was on one of our few sunny days! I’m also glad you had a moment our two to catch up. I spent several hours in the WP world yesterday, visiting friends who I’ve missed the past few weeks while attending to civic commitments. Take care, Susan, and happy shooting in Mass!

  7. love your photos Susan. And congratulations on what sounds like an amazing photography project.

  8. I can’t believe I missed this. Incredible photos. Can’t wait to see your project unfold. Love JSS πŸ™‚

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