a pause



This is not a season
but a pause
between one future & another,
a day after a day,
a breathing space before death,
a breathing, the rain

throwing itself down out of the
bluegrey sky, clear joy.

– Margaret Atwood
(from “Rain”)

Happy National Poetry Month!

13 thoughts on “a pause

  1. Gosh! These photos are both so lovely, I can’t decide which I like better! And the poem perfectly suits the stories of the photos. Bravo! (Or is it ‘Brava’?)

  2. Beautiful photographs and poem, Susan. There is something about pictures with umbrellas… I just love to look at them, love that this one is a red umbrella. 🙂

  3. I keep trying to pin down what the special quality is that your images always seem to have. Whatever it is, it’s lovely and evocative. Enjoy this lush season even if it brings some raindrops and umbrellas.

  4. Oh I do love those images, Susan. One of the first pieces of art that a friend of mine purchased was of a woman walking away, with a red umbrella over her head. I love seeing it on her wall, and I love seeing your images here.
    I’ve read Margaret Atwood, but not her poetry. My Book Group used to hold a poetry night once per year, and I always enjoyed it … but it was eventually dropped because of lack of enthusiasm by the group.

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