red buds-2



“Our intention is to affirm this life, not to bring order out of chaos, nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply to wake up to the very life we’re living, which is so excellent once one gets one’s mind and desires out of its way and lets it act of its own accord.”
– John Cage

After all the tragic events of late, I find myself appreciating each and every moment I have, no matter how small they may seem.

23 Comments on “affirmation

  1. I couldn’t agree more…Life is short, nasty things happen but if we look to our small shelter word of family, friends and talents…we can find joy in each day.
    Your photo’s prove that all of the above are possible…just open our eyes…thanks Susan for this gentle reminder of how precious our lives are..

  2. These are indeed the things we need to remember in the face of such catastrophe. We cannot let them take our humanity.

  3. These photos are so affirming! Thank you for you way of seeing, Susan!

  4. If we simply ‘get out of the way’ and accept and enjoy what we have been given, life becomes so much easier. Thank you for this wonderful affirmation Susan. When we have days like the last few it’s helpful to keep this in mind; to retreat into ourselves to some extent; to enjoy the place, just where we’ve been planted.

    • We are lucky to be able to do just that and I feel we must never take that for granted. It could all be taken from us tomorrow.

  5. It’s just too hard to be bombarded by all the craziness all the time. Such a nice reminder to take a breather as needed.

  6. I totally agree with you Susan 😀 Wonderful images. If I buy you a cannoli will you tell me how you get the effect on these images ?

    • I would be happy to make that deal but I’m not sure what effect you’re referring to. ???

      • How you get that dreamy depth of field or selective focus and muted toned down look, I love it 🙂

      • It’s just a matter of experimenting with different apertures. I play a lot with the tone curves when editing until I get the look I want. No biggie 🙂 I’ll be anxiously awaiting that cannoli now…

  7. You see the extraordinary in the stuff of life. Beautiful, as always, Susan. And a great Cage quote to accompany. Sad times, indeed.

  8. Your photos just.. entice me. And make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I think we need to talk about using your photos for my book covers. Wouldn’t that be cool….?? xo

  9. Love the atmosphere in these, Susan, but I especially love photo number three of those little white flowers in their terra cotta pot!

  10. The quote is wonderful – “once one gets one’s mind and desires out of its way and lets it act of its own accord”
    And of course, your images bring comfort in difficult times.

  11. You are so right Susan to be in the moment . To appreciate life more . So sad we need a wake up call for that. I had mine years ago with some illness and maybe it is the reason I live my life to the fullest. Thanks for your blog that I already enjoy so much !

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