north end view-


escape- copy

villa francesca-Collage1tulips


Collage pastryHanover St.-

window mural-



red bike and wall-



On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon
in the North End
Boston, Massachusetts

21 thoughts on “meandering

  1. It has been such beautiful weather and i wish I was walking in the north end too Susan 🙂 Great shots and I hope you had a cannoli for me at Modern !

  2. You captured some beauties here Susan. I just love the North End. Jim went to school at Suffolk University and my daughter got her Master’s from there. We have spent a lot of years roaming around the North End. Hanover and Salem Street are two of our favorites. I know you enjoyed this trip.. Your photo’s prove it…and what a day…just glorious.

  3. What a delightful meander! Boston was a port on our Canada/New England cruise a couple of years ago. Sad to say, it was not one of our best port experiences. Next time, I’ll let you be my tour guide!

  4. OHHHHHH… What fun it is to spend some time in Boston without flying all over the country . I was in Boston once ( 2011) and I have found memories of those days. Great shots. thanks for sharing, Susan.

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