north end view-


escape- copy

villa francesca-Collage1tulips


Collage pastryHanover St.-

window mural-



red bike and wall-



On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon
in the North End
Boston, Massachusetts

21 Comments on “meandering

  1. It has been such beautiful weather and i wish I was walking in the north end too Susan 🙂 Great shots and I hope you had a cannoli for me at Modern !

  2. You captured some beauties here Susan. I just love the North End. Jim went to school at Suffolk University and my daughter got her Master’s from there. We have spent a lot of years roaming around the North End. Hanover and Salem Street are two of our favorites. I know you enjoyed this trip.. Your photo’s prove it…and what a day…just glorious.

  3. Thanks so much for the walk down memory lane. Must be at least forty years since I’ve walked that neighborhood!

  4. What a delightful meander! Boston was a port on our Canada/New England cruise a couple of years ago. Sad to say, it was not one of our best port experiences. Next time, I’ll let you be my tour guide!

    • Sorry to hear that but I’d be happy to show you around Boston should you ever make it up this way again!

  5. Meandering is good! Especially on a sunny spring day!! I love the warmth in all these photos. So much history in these buildings and the city. I need to get back to Boston… it’s been years. xx, Michele

  6. OHHHHHH… What fun it is to spend some time in Boston without flying all over the country . I was in Boston once ( 2011) and I have found memories of those days. Great shots. thanks for sharing, Susan.

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