back to the trails








The snow is gone, the light is changing and we spring forward this weekend.
Cheers to longer days!

Sharing some link love:

Cheryl Crotty

Sherry Galey

Connie Spinardi

Trina Dopp

21 Comments on “back to the trails

  1. Love the shots Susan and we have had a glorious two days of summer like weather 🙂

  2. OMG..knock me over with a are so darn sweet. Thank you so much for the link love and what a great idea. We need to share the love.
    Your photo’s here are so beautiful and it is so nice to be back on the trail. I didn’t go to the trail but I did go outside walking today before the rain came. I love the little tiny pine tree and the fern…you can almost smell the forest…xoxo

  3. these are all stunning, as all your photographs are. And I love the quote in the post with the girl on a chair. I agree whole heartedly. Happy Spring!! and Happy Trails!

  4. It definitely is time to get back out there, especially over the past two days.
    Simply amazing weather, and I am so enjoying it.
    As always, such beautiful photographs, Susan.

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