Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?

back to the trails









The snow is gone, the light is changing and we spring forward this weekend.
Cheers to longer days!

Sharing some link love:

Cheryl Crotty

Sherry Galey

Connie Spinardi

Trina Dopp

21 thoughts on “back to the trails

  1. Cheryl

    OMG..knock me over with a are so darn sweet. Thank you so much for the link love and what a great idea. We need to share the love.
    Your photo’s here are so beautiful and it is so nice to be back on the trail. I didn’t go to the trail but I did go outside walking today before the rain came. I love the little tiny pine tree and the fern…you can almost smell the forest…xoxo


    these are all stunning, as all your photographs are. And I love the quote in the post with the girl on a chair. I agree whole heartedly. Happy Spring!! and Happy Trails!

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