“Unlike any other form of thought, daydreaming is its own reward.”
~ Michael Pollan

Daydreaming is one of my favorite pastimes and I tend to do so much of it during these drab February days. Thoughts turn to spring and flowers and color and warm sun. And to the usual list, I’ve added: vacation home. With my husband retiring soon, we have decided it’s a good time to follow our dream and start looking for a get-away home by the sea, somewhere along the New England coast. I’ve already pictured it in my mind..a sweet little cottage, walking distance to a beach, the sound of the gulls and the waves, that sweet salty air..enough to keep me dreaming for a while.  Now we’ll just have to find that perfect spot. Until then, I’ll just be happy sipping my tea and letting my thoughts take me away.

And here’s a few links to some dreamy sites to help get us through the rest of the winter:

Susan Desrocher – Last Train to Qville

Huub Zeeman – WitZwart

Charlotte Hedman Photography

and an Etsy site:  Monique W. Photography



24 thoughts on “daydreaming

  1. Soft and dreamy…perfect for your thoughts…I see maybe Kennebunkport in your future. We looked at a sweet little cottage there the last time we went. Not for me, my daughter was looking. She can’t afford it but I can see you sitting there sipping tea. Happy day dreaming…

  2. the images are lovely, as they always are. But the filter you use on them really makes them dreamy — fitting for your thoughts on daydreaming. I hope you two do find a delightful spot near the sea. A reward for all your years of hard work. Something to dream about. Wishing you the best daydreams ever!

  3. The light in these photos is exquisite! And I think it’s marvelous that you and your husband are going to buy a seashore vacation home. We’re so landlocked that we’ve decided to travel instead but my husband won’t be retiring for another three years. And thank you for visiting at FOL today and for your kind words. I’m so glad you’re part of our family!

    1. Well I think we will still be traveling a bit since our sons live in different parts of the States but this is a dream we’ve had for a long time. Bob still hasn’t chosen a date for his retirement but I think he is close to it. Unfortunately, I don’t visit FOL enough but when I do the words and images never fail to resonate with me. Thanks for welcoming me into your family. xo

  4. Such lovely things to look forward to. I think I’ve found our beautiful little hide-away near the sea….. it’s taking some work to fill out dreams, but it’s all in good fun.

  5. What a lovely idea to have a getaway home by the sea. I hope your dream becomes reality. In the meantime, continue your day dreams with a good hot drink until spring comes round again!

  6. This is a fun post, Susan – and I’m sure daydreaming has more rewards than usual on a February day in New England. I will check out the links. A get away place by the sea – yes! What a good project to sink your teeth into, and oh what a fabulous time you’ll have with your camera there…

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