happy where I am





“I have learned to be happy where I am. I have learned that locked within the moments of each day are all the joys, the peace, the fibers of the cloth we call life. The meaning is in the moment. There is no other way to find it. You feel what you allow yourself to feel, each and every moment of the day.”
~ Russ Berrie

And here’s some inspiring photography sites to check out this week:

Lisa Macintosh Photography

Capturing Moments in Time

The Kreative Life

Focusing on Life

22 Comments on “happy where I am

  1. Lovelovelove this, Susan! Yep, it’s all about each and every moment when we are fully aware of our being and enjoying life at its fullest! Only during these moments we are really alive in the whole sense of meaning it … Yes, we have our past, but we don’t live there anymore. And yes, we have our great future full with adventures and fun, but right here in this very moment we are active and in full response to life! How great is that?

  2. The mood of your images, Susan, convey the sentiment perfectly and I love the quote you’ve chosen. Seems as though we all need to practice being in the moment these days with the distractions and pace of life whirling around us. Wonderful post.

  3. Beautiful atmosphere in all of these, Susan, but especially that first one with those boots taken off in a hurry and the sunlight creating shadows – and of course the lovely bag of flowers hanging on the door-knob. Great quotation!

  4. Happy where we are is a good place to be. Such a beautiful poem. All of these photos are so special. I’m especially drawn to the yarn one.

  5. This means that you have paused to think – maybe we don’t do this enough. I remember sitting in a lounger in the garden and just looking at the plants and sky and wondered why I didn’t do this more often so thank you for this

  6. Such a beautiful quote, and so very true.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Susan.
    On my way to Boston tomorrow. It sounds like the weather may even cooperate! 🙂

  7. Some beautiful, happy, ‘in the moment’ images, Susan…the perfect accompaniments to the quote

  8. Your site is inspiration, itself. I’m always captivated by your oh-so-simple images of every day life…oh-so-not-simple in the hands of others…like me!

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