a large drop of sun













“A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn cloud, like a bloody rag, hung over the spot of its going. And dusk crept over the sky from the eastern horizon, and darkness crept over the land from the east.”
~ John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

one last day at Muir Overlook
Marin County, California
where this magnificent Peregrine Falcon returns to her nest each evening

16 thoughts on “a large drop of sun

  1. No wonder he’s my favorite writer. Perfect quote and great shots. I love the one of the falcon soaring through the sky, then the protective, proud look from the nest.

  2. Wonderful shots bathed in blue and then gold. My favourite is number four with those wonderful leading lines taking me to an outstanding view of the sea!

  3. I love Steinbeck also but I think I told you that before…all of these photo’s are stunning Susan…what a great trip that was especially on this day. The most fascintating shot is the one of that walkway along the sea…that is very impressive not only for what it is but for the most gorgeous light as you traveled. The Peregrine is stunning also and you capture him/her so well…these just make me want to be there…perhaps someday.

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