Pacific sunset

Pacific sunset- copy

“The light was different here in California.”
~ Heidi Freestone

We squeezed in so much in just five short days
I hope to post bits and pieces here as I go through all
the images and re-live
our trip to Northern California
But for now, it’s back to reality
and to beautiful autumn here in New England

I wish you all a happy weekend!

13 Comments on “Pacific sunset

  1. Autumn in New England must be just wonderful! Such a gorgeous sunset with silhouetted figures and the setting sun outlining the long hair of the girl. A wonderful moment!

  2. Such a beautiful sunset…I find that sometimes a short trip is just as lovely as a long trip…a change of scenery and a new perspective and of course, meeting up with lovely friends..
    I’m looking forward to seeing your photo’s…

  3. Incredibly beautiful! And I think you’re right, the light in the west is different than what we’re used to in the east. Just stunning!

  4. Looking forward to seeing all the beauty unfold! This is truly incredible.

  5. That is a beautiful sunset! And the composition of the image is great. Can’t wait to see what else you “shot” while in CA.

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