shadows of autumn

afternoon shadows2-

on the dining room wall.
I’ve noticed the light changing
as we reach mid September

there was a beautiful breeze yesterday
I watched the leaf shadows
blow and sway across the wall.

9 Comments on “shadows of autumn

  1. It’s amazing how we ca see the subtle changing of the seasons in so many different ways if only we are attuned…I love this shot. Maybe you will show us more changes in this wall as the season comes to full fruition….,

  2. The warm light and colors make this so inviting….and I love the view out your kitchen window! I’m looking forward to a lot more gentle breezes.

  3. I love this capture. The lighting and shadow are so beautiful. I tried to capture a red sunlight reflection on the wall last Sunday morning, it didn’t look this good at all… 🙂

  4. This image put me right back to autumn days from my childhood. Your photos always seem to evoke such lovely feelings and/or memories.

  5. More & more each day the signs of fall are creeping in. Such lovely lighting. Makes me think of nice hot cider or cocoa and a good book to curl up with.

  6. Simply lovely…I notice the dancing shadows and lovely fall light change in my home too, and it always gives me a little thrill to be immersed in such simple seasonal beauty.

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