lavender and lace


the summer greens are slowly fading
as the last weekend of summer approaches

Happy Labor Day weekend to my U.S. friends
Happy weekend to all!

19 Comments on “lavender and lace

  1. So beautiful. You have mastered following the light. What a wonderful subject you have found here. The dress would have been my dream so many years ago,

  2. A lovely twirly, lacy and feminine dress – such a lovely combination with the lavender and the lighting is so pretty with wonderful background bokeh. Have a happy weekend!

  3. The lightness of summer! This post is a beautiful tribute to the last weekend of summer! Have a wonderful one, Susan.

  4. Love the take on lavender and lace, but most of all the bare feet that have obviously been enjoying walking without shoes!!! 🙂

  5. This is so very pretty and uplifting. As are all your photos here! I know I’m going to smile when I come to your site. Glad the comments are back on 🙂

  6. I just love visiting here, Susan. I’m never disappointed and never leave without heaving a happy sigh.
    Happy weekend to you, too!

  7. Beautiful image, Susan.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    The weather could not have been more perfect, for sure (was in Boston for the weekend).

  8. I love how you captured this scene. I wouldn’t even begin to know how you pulled it off. So crisply focused, yet the light so beautifully diffused. mmm.

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