Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?

variation on a theme


variations on a theme
variations on a theme

clouds come floating

To Be A Cloud

I’d like to be a cloud
Formless – unexpected

I’d like to drink the clouds
Sudden and clear

I’d like to feel like clouds
Pure weightless and needed
Come and go and disappear

I’d like to breathe like clouds
Way up there above
Beneath and in-between

I’d like to be
Just be

~ Garen Zakarian

source: Orion Magazine

33 thoughts on “variation on a theme

  1. Timmy the Scribbler

    wow, just wow, feel like I need to say something but can’t think of anything
    the top grabbed my eye, and first blurt wanted to say that’s the fave, but then the middle one is like a magnet aimed between the eyes – mesmerizing qualities – then about to give the bottom less than it deserves but it kind of breaks the spell the middle casts and the mind feels like it is trying a new freedom. And the words. Cloud lover here too. Glad you shared this. You fed a man tonight.

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