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“If we were always conscious of the fact that people precious to us are frighteningly mortal, hanging not even by a thread, but by a wisp of gossamer, perhaps we would be kinder to them and more grateful for the love and friendship they give to us.”
– Dean Koontz

Been thinking a lot lately about friendship and connections, both here at home and those relationships formed through social media outlets such as blog sites, Facebook, and even Flickr. Thankful for such a wonderful network of like-minded, supportive and inspirational souls from all parts of the world.

All the more thankful when I actually get to meet an online friend or two in person. I’ve been fortunate to meet a few of these people and each time it felt like we had known each other for years.

Just recently, my husband and I met the photographer extraordinaire, Joe Giordano (Monochromia) and his lovely wife Terry in Boston for a wonderful dinner in the North End. We had a great time and are hoping to get together again this fall in NYC.

A few weeks prior to our meeting, I had an interview with Joe.. a little chat about photography mostly, with a few revealing facts about me

You can read it HERE.

Next weekend, I am meeting a couple of WordPress friends for Sunday morning coffee and a walk around historic Concord, MA

Another marvelous perk to photography, the networking and connections you make along the way…the threads that bind us, so to speak.

Have you ever had the opportunity to get together with a fellow blogger or social media friend?  I’d be curious to hear what your experience was like.

Lots of wishes for a happy weekend!

52 thoughts on “precious threads

  1. I’ve met my special someone through blogging and we’ll be meeting soon, There’s also a good chance we’ll meet up with many others too 🙂 beautiful shots! 🙂

  2. Hi Susan,
    I just recently became aware of your photography and signed up to ‘follow’. I’m so glad I did! When I opened today’s email from your site, I felt as if an invisible fairy had dropped a gift into my life.
    You see, it happens to be my birthday and my ‘morning reflection'(a journal of sorts) was all about connections and appreciating those in our midst — from far and wide, in person and through that fragile line of the Internet. Sometimes we’re so busy looking for more, bigger, better, we walk right by that gossamer thread you so beautifully capture in today’s series of photos. Thank you!

    On a slightly different note: if I want to share/post one of your photos on my FB page (not very active, but I usually share a morning reflection and photo, including appropriate credit for both), do you allow that? (Yes, I really am a novice at the ins and outs of social media! lol )
    Anyway, a big thank you from a like-minded soul in Toronto! Rose

    1. Thank you so much for this, Rose, you made my day! You are so right, we take so much for granted, don’t we? We should all stop and appreciate the wonderful connections we’ve made. Would love to share on Facebook…I’m no expert on the ins and outs of social media either but if you want to befriend me, that would be great. Happy Birthday to you, I hope you have a fabulous day!

      1. Wonderful, Susan….or is that wonderful Susan…both! I will send a FB friend request.

  3. Exquisite. Your pictures are breath-taking. Have I said that before? 🙂
    Probably. I’ll be saying it again, no doubt. You have a knack of capturing beauty in everything.

  4. These shots just take my breath away. I can’t do anything close to close to this, but I’m going to shoot dandelions and dew anyway, medicinally, because I feel better looking at your pictures.

  5. First of all, these are exquisite photos! The focus, light, composition. subject … perfection. And, yes, I’ve had several occasions to turn online friends into real life friends and it is something I truly cherish. When I announced to my family that I was going to Shutter Sisters Oasis, without actually having met anybody, they thought I’d lost my mind! But my online friends turned real life friends are among my dearest friends.

    1. Thanks Dotti and that is the best possible outcome, isn’t it?! Would love to take part in a Shutter Sister Oasis someday.

  6. Remarkable! I have never seen droplets hanging, holding, clinging between dandelion seeds. What a site. Your work is elegant, I feel like when I am looking at your work I am hearing marvelous whispers of the moment captured. Your gift is so true and inspiring.

    1. Oh yes, I forgot about that! I can’t imagine a better place to stay..I’m sure the company, the food and the wine were all fabulous!

    1. We will have to do that, Liz. I’m sure I will be down there sometime this year, I’ll let you know. Would be so fun to grab some lunch with you!

  7. These are such delicate captures, Susan. I love those wispy dandelion seed strands holding onto the water droplets. Quite breathtaking!
    It must be lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers and photographers! So far it has never happened to me. Maybe one day!

  8. Your images challenge me to come up with new ways to describe how wonderful I think they are. As for bloggy friends… I’ve met several and that instant connection really does happen, not to mention meeting my very special friend through blogging. It’s been such a wonderfully positive experience all the way around.
    Lovely interview BTW.

    1. You really did have a positive experience, Gunta..and to meet your very special friend is just wonderful. I’m so happy for you!

      And thanks for your nice words. Right back at you!

  9. Photographer extraordinaire ? Susan you are making me blush, thank you for your kind words. These images are just gorgeous I love them. I am also looking forward to meeting again in NY Yankee territory, LOL. Seriously I can’t wait and hopefully Patti will be available also when you come down. You will love her 🙂

    1. Thanks Joe. Looking forward to visiting Yankee territory (can’t believe I just said that 🙂 ) and so hoping Patti can join us.

  10. Glorious, delicate, beautiful captures, Suzanne! And I have met a couple of blogging friend so far with plans to meet more…it really has been a marvellous experience.

  11. I’m reminded of the phrase six degrees of separation. Yes, the threads may be tenuous but they do exist. Glad you had a good time, and that was an interesting read about your background.
    Lovely photos here, and over there.

  12. Oh Susan where do I begin .. Your friendship has been amazing, I hope one day we do actually meet! Your photography is awe inspiring !!! And I too am glad for the few friends I have made along the way . Thank you for sharing your words . Have an awesome week end my friend

    1. Would love to meet you, Kathy. Maybe sometime when we road trip out to Ohio to visit my son, we can meet somewhere along the way! So thankful for your friendship and all your support and inspiration…and all your delicious recipes 🙂

  13. Your photography is superb Susan…I always always love seeing what you’ve captured, and these are truly superb! I love the quotes as well! It seems the online photographer has so many opportunities to connect with friends that are nearby…I hope to one day. It truly is a great community of like-minded souls. If I make it to MA you would definitely be on my list to meet.

  14. Not sure I can add anything different as all the previous comments / bloggers said it all perfectly.
    Stunning photography by a woman a truly look forward to meeting sometime!

  15. Susan, I can’t even begin to know how you captured these beautiful images…but I hope I can learn from you. Your online friendship has meant more than you can ever know…and I can’t wait until next weekend. 🙂

    1. And I hope to learn more about writing from you Sue and so funny how our paths probably crossed way back when! Looking forward to next weekend too, friend!

  16. Incredible shots Susan. Do you remember what lens you used to capture them? I’ve met 2 of my blogging friends and both times enjoyed the meetings tremendously. One meeting was in Shanghai where I connected with a Canadian ex-pat and her husband who showed us a bit of their adopted city, and the other was when I hosted a visitor here on Kiawah who lives in Virginia. It’s terrific to put faces with the names and to learn that they are much the same in person as they are in their posts!

    1. Hi Tina, I used a 100mm macro lens for these shots, although I should have used a tripod…I just got lazy 🙂 So great that you met some blogging friends and that’s another perk..the sharing of different cultures from all parts of the world. And I agree, I have found that you really get to know a person through their posts.

  17. It is always so nice to visit you wherever you might be posting..but your work in black and white is really fascinating…one day we will meet and shoot, chat and have tea…I think we would learn a lot and I know I would enjoy your company…
    This was beautifully done…so many small details…
    Have a great week Susan.

    1. Cheryl, you are too kind. I love the North Shore and visit the Rockport area often…maybe we could meet there someday for a photo walk and some tea? I have a feeling we have a lot in common.

  18. These are breathtaking. Whew. I’m just going to sit with them for a bit. As for friendship – yes. We’re so lucky to be able to meet kindred spirits in this way these days.

  19. oh Susan, how magnificent , seems to me, i got so carried away.. earlier, i never said anything about your photography skills…. duhhh
    well you simply amaze me. im in awe every time i look at these!!!!

  20. Love this series. – I came by though because lately I have not been able to comment on your photos. Do you have the comments turned off? I really have been enjoying your lovely pictures of late just can’t tell you.

    1. Hi Ida, thank you so much! Yes, I have decided to turn comments off for the rest of the month but will resume regular posting in September. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer!

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