the road to spring

the yellow line



a sunrise spin

there are signs

April's promise



7 PM

I believe we have finally reached our destination.

more to come!

29 thoughts on “the road to spring

  1. I love the progression of your photos! From the mysterious fog to the enchanting sunset. Beautifully done. And hooray for spring!

  2. You have certainly led me to spring through this wonderful images! Tender snowdrops and that bicylce and lovely basket on the handlebars waiting to ride off into the sunset!

  3. I can’t say that the journey was better than the destination in this case (ie, traveling through winter to get to spring). However, I love the NE spring destination, which you capture so beautifully here.

  4. Susan, I have sent your post to a dear friend in MA and she wrote the following: “The pictures are a pick-me-up.” Thanks so much, Donna and Susan, for your beautiful poetries!

    1. It was a temporary memorial but all articles were saved and archived and are being displayed at area museums and libraries. Thanks, Lignum.

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