oh the irony

the winter of our discontent



soup of the day

winter's toll

store bought spring

faces at the window

bluebird of happiness?

looking out my window
waiting for a sign of spring
craving color and warmth
and I know I’m not the only one

having more daylight soon will be so welcome.

19 thoughts on “craving

  1. And hoping that longer days will bring with them warmer temps and spring. What a winter you’ve had but you’ve gotten some beautiful photos. I love the little bird. They always look so cold in winter, don’t they? We’re awaiting our second snowstorm of the season, maybe as bad as the first.

  2. All of your winter images tell the story perfectly…a hard winter for sure…but you added so much light and depth…very nicely done Susan…

  3. All lovely images of the season! My favourites are the soup by the window (so snug), the flowers held by a black-coated figure (so tender) and that last little adorable bird with his head on one side! Summer Street better watch carefully, spring is on the way underneath the snow!

  4. Hahah – I know how you feel! I love your colors and winter still looks cozy through your eyes. The one of the bird is amazing. There are icicles like that hanging in our windows but I did hear the birds out there singing a few days ago so spring must be on the way (despite all the snow we’re getting today)!

  5. Susan, can I come hang with you and learn from you? 🙂
    Your images say so much without words, and convey a sense of warmth and life and realness (is that a word?).
    That bicycle shot is so, so wonderful

  6. Goddess of domestic images strikes again! Such a perfect rendition of the way to be in winter – inside, sipping soup or freshly-pressed coffee, watching the icicles slowly drip, drip. Oh, and watching someone ELSE shovel! I have a photo from 4 yrs ago of a certain someone shoveling the car out…while I tended to the home fires…
    (Oh, that bluebird – what a beauty he is!)

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